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Visitor feedback

Each year we conduct detailed and rigorous visitor feedback from the ship's staff. Their professional opinion, and extensive experience helps to guide us in constantly improving the service we offer their passengers. Here are some of the main points from our 2016 survey of ship's staff.

“Did your excursion meet your expectations?”

98% answered "Yes".

Comments included:

I heard someone on our tour say our guide would be a great teacher. If more teachers were like her we would be better off.

Charming, witty, dry sense of humour, informative without being pedantic, responsive to questions

Great weather, excellent guide, terrific friendly people, safe and happy driver

A good selection

It’s a stunning country

I have tried three times in the past 5 years to reach Shetland and have not been disappointed as our guide made it a wonderful tour

The guests did really enjoy the tour

Lovely scenery, great weather, relaxing

Best bits

Driving through the beautiful country

Mousa island, seeing a seal

Seals, Arctic terns, Shetland ponies and visit to Jarlshof

The scenery we saw from the bus and got to visit

Seals and wildlife

Comparison with the rest of the world

It was a really good combination of walking, visits and coach time

Excursion is very good, I have experienced very good tours and this tour was very similar. Guests seemed very interested too

Great, all venues are unique

The best aspects of Shetland is the landscape and the scenery I have been to Jarlshof and felt it a substancial and interesting site


A unique location sites different than most other ports, everything in English and very good hospitality by locals

Lovely landscape and hospitable community. Good opportunity for site visit

Scenery peaceful, unspoilt. Lerwick is charming

Lots of history, interesting sites and friendly locals

I find the island beautiful and fascinating

Good way to make best use of short visit to Lerwick

So much more to see and find out about Shetland

Stay longer to see places of interest

It’s a beautiful part of the World and so different

Comprehensive, ideal for a short stay

Lovely island, picturesque, prosperous, tidy, not overly commercial or over-run with tourists

Simply naturally beautiful

Unique landscape, way of life, wildlife, friendly local population. The staff were wonderful and the locations were beautiful, a very well done tour, good amount of time.